Updates to the most current version to “New World” has come with several small but significant changes, such as bugs fixes as well as a massive change in the way that factions vie to claim territories.

1.0.2 patch for “New World” 1.0.2 update for “New World” was aimed to correct a variety of important flaws in the game and altering the mechanic of influence for factions to make the administration of colonies somewhat easier. Although there aren’t any major changes to content in this patch, it’s nonetheless a step in the right direction in the direction of the game.

As a result of the change to the method of influence the factions will now be able to hold their regions in their possession for a longer period of time. After the patch, the influence of factions that attack over time will be accumulating slower than it did previously. The initial rate of influence gain was affected by a bug that caused to it increasing faster than anticipated, as per the notes on the patch. This issue has been fixed.

The factions that are attacking will have to work harder to avoid causing conflict within the territory. Defenders however need to focus more on their territory since the influence of rival groups is not going to shrink with the passage of the passage of time.

If the defenders want to keep their territories, they’ll need to do some additional effort. For those who aren’t familiar, territorial influence can be obtained through playing PvP in the area. If either side is attempting to make as powerful as they can, the entire region is likely to be in conflict that will eventually result in conflict.

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It will take some time to establish if this decision will be beneficial to the game as it could disrupt the current conflict between factions out of balance.