Something borrowed! On Thursday, December 23, The Other Two starHeléne Yorke took to her Instagram Story to model her mother’s wedding dress from 1982 — and the vintage design looked positively lovely.

Helene’s mother modeled the bridal gown in 1982 and it did need a bit of refurbishment before passing on to a new generation.

On her Insta Stories the actress dished that she subjected the dress to ‘surgery’ by costume designer Sam Bennett who has worked with Lady Gaga. Helene snapped a mirror selfie in which she modeled the dress in its original incarnation before having it adjusted.

‘Here’s the sad moment I realized I could’ve EATEN my Mom in 1982,’ quipped the actress who has featured on such shows as Masters Of Sex.

Once the outfit was revamped Helene posed in the finished product in a glamorous snap in which Sam could be spotted in the background.

‘Sam performed fashun surgery and gave it new life. Thought it wasn’t possible,’ Helene said of the whole process.

‘I love and I can’t believe someone that skilled and magical said yes to helping me,’ she gushed adding a heart emoji for good measure.

Helene modeled her mother’s wedding dress posed on a New York City sidewalk with her sizzling new husband Bary Dunn.

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Bary and Helene got married this September in Brooklyn, modeling a dress by Maison Rime Arodaky rather than her mother’s bridal gown.

Helene, whose dating history includes the celebrity chef Bobby Flay, co-stars on The Other Two with Drew Tarver.

The show, whose leads play adult siblings whose teenage brother becomes an internet superstar, began on Comedy Central before moving to HBO Max.