The actress showed off her new look when she resurfaced on online platforms for the first time in the past six months.

Hayden Panettiere is back on Instagram!

The 32-year-old actress sported her new hairstyle with bangs after returning to Instagram to share her first post within six months. In her earlier post in April, she gushed over her favorite Disney+ film Secrets of the Whales.

In a video of her exuberance after having a haircut with Pink Cheeks Salon Panettiere started the caption with the words ” My go to place since I was a teenager!”

“Cindy’s the owner and my go to girl! Her girls and Cindy herself always make me feel fresh, new and beautiful every time I see them! They’re my secret weapon,” she added.

People who love Heroes and the Heroes star were elated by her new hairstyle and look on the comment section.

“Looking beautiful!! ,” one fan wrote. Another said, “gorgeous!! .” Another fan wrote, “So beautiful .”

Other fans also responded to the fact that Panettiere was back on social media.

“Welcome back to Instagram…we’ve missed you!” One user wrote. A third person laughed and said, “She remembered the password!”

Panettiere’s most recent social media post follows a turbulent last couple of years for the actress.

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After openly speaking out about her reported abuse relationship with her ex-boyfriend Brian Hickerson in the summer of 2013 A source said to PEOPLE at the time that actress Ashley was an “wonderful headspace” and was anticipating everything that was to be revealed in the coming months.

“Hayden is in a wonderful headspace,” the source told the when the report was released. “Things are so much better and she’s really excited about her future. She’s got a few projects in the works.”

The source also said that Panettiere was also enjoying time with her child Kaya Evdokia who is 6 1/2 , who she has with her the ex of her fiancee Wladimir Klitschko. “She has an amazing relationship with Wlad,” the insider claimed. The relationship is going very well.”