Have A Home Mold Inspection: It's One Of The Most Important Things You Should Do

Whether your house is in need of a professional home inspection, or you just want to protect yourself from a potential environmental concern, this article will help to give you some insight into the benefits that can come from routinely inspecting for mold. Discover more about types of mold, the dangers and effects that it can have in one’s living environment.

Home Inspections

You might think that your home’s heating and cooling system are keeping you comfortable all winter long, but what about the unseen dangers of mold? Mold can cause a whole host of problems in your home, from moisture damage to respiratory problems. That’s why it’s so important to have a mold inspection done at least once a year, preferably on an ongoing basis (depending on use). Here are some things to keep in mind when having a home inspection: 

– Check for signs of water damage. Water can seep through any cracks in your foundation, basement walls and floors, orange scale paint peeling due to moisture damage and more.

– Look for signs of excessive moisture. This might include damp spots on walls and ceilings, green growths or patches on Sheetrock or wallpaper, or moist areas near windows and doors. If there are any leaks or issues with the plumbing drainage system, this will be documented as well.

– Inspect all ventilation systems in the home to see if they’re functioning properly and whether they’re holding any Mold spores. The presence of Mold spores can trigger serious respiratory illnesses in people with asthma or lung diseases.

Signs of Mold

Mold can be a serious health threat, and it’s important to get it checked out as soon as you notice any signs. Here are some of the most common signs of mold: 

-Sooty black or greenish patches on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.

-A musty smell.

-Unusual growths on walls or ceilings (fungus, slime, etc.).

-A brown or light green haze over furnishings or objects.

Health Issues Associated with Mold

Have a home mold inspection: It’s one of the most important things you should do. Mold can cause a number of health issues, including breathing difficulties, skin irritation, and asthma symptoms. A home mold inspection can help identify these problems and make necessary repairs.

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

If you’re in the market for a new home, it’s important that you have a home mold inspection performed. A home mold inspection is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family from toxic and hazardous indoor air. Here’s a breakdown of how much a home mold inspection typically costs: 

-Price of the professional home mold inspection service 

-Postage and handling fees 

-Cleaning supplies and equipment needed

Have you Made the Right Choice?

Have you considered having your home mold test done? Mold can be a huge health hazard and it’s one of the most important things you should do if you’re concerned about your health. Here are five reasons why you should have a home mold inspection: 

  1. If You’ve Been Sick: The presence of mold in your home may be contributing to your illness. If you’re not sure whether or not you have mold, get a testing kit and have the test done. If the test results show that you do, take action to clean up the mold and prevent its return. 
  2. If You Have allergies: Mold can trigger allergies in some people. If you have problems with allergies, get a testing kit and have the test done. If the test results show that you do, take action to clean up the mold and prevent its return. 
  3. If You Have Pets: Pets can spread mold around your home easily. Make sure to keep all pets indoors during cold weather and when there is wet weather so they don’t track any Mold around the house. When pets do come inside, make sure they are supervised at all times to avoid creating any new Mold colonies. 


A home mold inspection is one of the most important things you should do, as it can help to identify and prevent problems from developing.

If you think your home may be affected by mold, don’t wait – have your property inspected today! Not only will this help to identify any potential issues, but it will also provide you with valuable information that you can use to make improvements in your home.