“We were fascinated by the notion of someone taking a step so radical to escape the situation they were uncomfortable in, just to be able to feel some thing,” they say.

Have you been to a place that was so boring, that you’ve wanted to set the area with the flames? Haim is a good example of. The band released a new track “Lost Track” on Tuesday (March 1) and the release of a brand new music video with Danielle Haim securing an open flame to a play card and a floral centerpiece, all while being trapped in a dark 50s-era country club. The video was shot by Oscar-nominated director Paul Thomas Anderson.

It is highlighted by a cyclical, wind chime and mixed with Haim’s signature soft singing, “Lost Track” and the video were recorded in the field during an W Magazine photo shoot for its profile on Anderson as well as a long-time collaborator with the group. As the director of four cover-packages for the issue’s fourth director’s edition, Anderson first called in Alana Haim who had an important role in his most recent movie, Licorice Pizza for the cover.

Also, having collaborated on a variety of Haim’s music videos and music videos, it seemed natural to add the trio of sisters in the band in Haim’s W Mag collaboration. The band discussed the track and their most recent collaboration with Anderson in an old Instagram post, specifically about the track’s lyrics “I’ll never be able to recover the things I’ve lost track of.”

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“We were writing that line for the past year but we couldn’t decide how to use that line of text,” they wrote in their caption. “We wrote the line, without knowing what it was supposed to be. Then we were PTA filming the Director’s Cut issue @wmag. Our baby sister was as the front cover! A chance came up to create one quick music element during the shooting of this story.”

The music video that was directed by Anderson directed is based on the novel Appointment Samarra,and features a group of women attending an event called “The The Annual Balboa Gold Rush as well as Fashion Bazaar.” In addition to Danielle as well as Alana and Este their mother Donna Anderson’s daughter Pearl who are part of the boring social activities of their ladies’ society.

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“We looked up in the novel and became enthralled by the scene in which the main character throws a glass of wine in the face of a person at the Country club” The band wrote on their statement. “We were influenced by the notion of someone taking a drastic action to escape the situation they were uncomfortable in in order to be able to express something.”