Grimes Reveals She and Elon Musk Have Broken Up Again. After revealing on her Vanity Fair cover that she and Elon Musk are no longer together, singer and actress Grimes has revealed she has broken up with her boyfriend. During the interview, the pair discussed their baby Y, who they’ve welcomed via surrogate. While the pair are still on good terms, Grimes said that she and her partner are “on different pages” and that they will be moving in separate directions.

The pair had been together for a year and a half before the split. Musk’s relationship with Elon Musk was also made public after his tweets made fun of the billionaire entrepreneur. He DM’d the artist after she made the same pun about artificial intelligence, which caught her eye and she replied. The couple had already debuted their romance at the Met Gala in May 2018, where Grimes was in her glory. The news, a surprise for many, was enough to make the star’s ‘breakup’ newsworthy.

The pair’s first child was born in December 2017, and the couple recently announced that they are expecting their second child. The baby is expected to be born in May 2020, so the parents did not want to announce the news too soon. Their relationship has also come under scrutiny again after a September 2021 report suggested the pair had split. The two had been living separately since Musk announced the birth of the baby in November. The news is surprising, and the couple will probably decide to move on with their lives.

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While Grimes considers Elon Musk her boyfriend, the pair broke up in September before welcoming their second child. The two already share a 22-month-old son, but they also opted to introduce their daughter to the world via a surrogate. The baby is due in May 2020, and the two had previously revealed that they planned to adopt a baby girl via surrogate.

While Elon Musk and Grimes are no longer together, they are still very close. She gave birth to a daughter via surrogate last year. She also welcomed a son in May 2020. She also revealed on Twitter that she and Musk have broken up again. And the couple are still good friends. If they do break up, she might get a new baby whose name is the same as hers.

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Although the relationship between the two is no longer over, it is still unclear whether the two are still dating. They both have five children together. However, they are still separated and have been for some time. They recently decided to split in the summer of 2019 and have a daughter. After months of teasing each other, the couple’s new child was finally revealed to the media.