The situation, which was not previously revealed, looked into Google’s dominance as a supplier of tools for the selling and buying ads online.

The French Competition Authority declared that Google’s instrument to assist sites and apps market advertising gave its online advertising auction program, AdX, an edge over other competing auction operators.

The French case also alleged additional kinds of self-preferencing from the advertising aspect of Google’s company, the Wall Street Journal reported.

To settle the issue, Google allegedly offered to eliminating obstacles that it places up against rivals. Those modifications would just be binding in France but might be used elsewhere from the business.

The arrangement is yet to be accepted by the Competition Authority’s board, however when it’s, it might be declared in months and could be binding only in France, according to the paper.

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Google spokeswoman Leslie Pitterson didn’t comment on the reported settlement but said the organization’s third party advertisement tech products utilize both Google’s partners’ and rivals’ products.

‘We continue to participate in comments and create upgrades to better serve customers