GoodKicks RU Review - Is GoodKicks RU a Scam? is a Russian e-commerce site that deals in replica products of famous brands. You can purchase sneakers, slides, runners, belts, jackets, and much more. Although the website does not have any terms and conditions, you can expect your order to be shipped within seven days of receipt. The owners of Good kicks are working on the return process within two days. The company will refund your money within that timeframe.

Site’s age

Considering the site’s age, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to buy branded shoes from The site is accessible from 14 January 2021. While it may seem legitimate, it does have some issues. Its payments are limited and includes only Paypal and Bank transfer. It’s also not easy to find out the company’s social media connections, which could lead you to purchase fake goods.

The GoodKicks RU reviews site has a one-year-old age. The developers of the site created the site on 14 January 2021. Though the website features screenshots of customer reviews, it doesn’t mention if the reviews are genuine or not. However, a search of YouTube will reveal that there are several videos of the brand’s products. While the GoodKicks RU reviews site is not popular, it does have a wide variety of designer shoes. Despite the low-quality reviews and lack of information about its owner, it is a legitimate website.

Among the most important questions to ask before buying any product from GoodKicks RU is how safe it is. Its age is a factor to be cautious of, but you should also consider the positive feedback it has received from customers. This way, you’ll be able to see if the product is worth the money. If the product has good reviews, it will be a safe buy, and the company behind it is legitimate.

Although GoodKicks has several positive reviews, the site doesn’t have many negative customer reviews. This website has a trust score of 27% and an Alexa rank of 6,116,233. There are also two engagements on the website, which means that the website is a trustworthy and reputable site. Regardless of its age, I’d recommend a GoodKicks review before buying.

Alexa ranking

It is important to note that is not a scam. It is a legitimate website, and the developers behind it have been selling the Goodkicks brand for one year. It is not clear how many engagements the site has received. The domain is available until 14 January 2021, and the site has two engagements. Its Alexa ranking is 6116233.

The Alexa ranking is calculated by averaging the website’s traffic over the past three months. The Alexa algorithm uses traffic data from several different sources, including third-party analytics and visitor engagement. Sites with high Alexa rankings tend to have high-quality content. These rankings are the standard benchmark used for website promotion, marketing, SEO, and even charging premium for advertising. In addition, anyone can verify a website’s Alexa ranking.

Plagiarized content

A recent GoodKicks RU Review has found that the company has a high percentage of content that is plagiarized. The company has no information on who owns the website and lacks information on customer reviews. Although the website seems to have a positive customer review score, we cannot be sure based on this. It has an Alexa rank of 6,116,233 and two engagements. The website does not list a company owner, so our review is based on our own experience.

The site’s Alexa rank is 6,116,233, which means it’s not very popular. It has a trust rating of 27%. It has two engagements, but it’s unclear who owns it. Because of this, it’s better to check reviews before you purchase their products. It may be worth reading a few reviews before you spend your hard-earned money.

You can use product reviews to determine if Goodkicks RU is a safe place to buy sneakers online. Reviews from actual users will let you know whether the site is legitimate and whether the product is worth your money. Positive feedback from customers will tell you whether the company is legitimate and whether or not the product is worth buying. Goodkicks RU has a number of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

While Goodkicks RU has a reputation for selling fake shoes, its website also features screenshots of customer reviews. These reviews may be a great way to give your potential clients an idea of what to expect from your goods. Regardless of your preference, there’s a seven-day return policy and the owner typically processes refund requests within two days. If you want to try Goodkicks RU products before buying, be aware that they may be fake.

Return policy

The return policy for is not very long and can vary from seven to 48 days. You can return the item for a refund or an exchange. The exchanged item may take between three and seven business days to arrive. If you are unhappy with the product, you can contact the company on social media. You can also use the Paypal and Bank transfer payment methods to make the refund request. offers a wide variety of sneakers at affordable prices. One downside is that the website does not provide any return terms and conditions.

In addition, the website does not appear to work properly. Its developer made the site on January 14th, 2021. Its client testimonials are referenced with the item. The website has an Alexa rank of 6,116,233. The site has two commitments and two customer reviews. The organization’s social media profiles do not appear to be active. Besides, there is no information about the owner of Goodkicks.

As far as the return policy is concerned, you can contact the company to discuss your options. However, keep in mind that most returns will not be accepted if you do not contact the company within thirty days. If you do decide to return the product, you must follow the return policy to ensure that you don’t have to wait for a refund. While this return policy is not the most favorable, it can make your experience much more pleasant.

The Goodkicks RU website contains customer reviews. These reviews should help you decide if the product is a good investment or not. If customers have positive reviews about the company, it’s likely that the product is worth the money. Moreover, you’ll know if the website is legitimate by reading the reviews. If you’re not satisfied, you can try another site. This one will give you an idea if Goodkicks is legitimate.