Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomons' Advice to Summer Interns

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomons has a simple but powerful advice for summer interns: Be an entrepreneur. He has spent nearly two decades building a global investment firm and is keen to pass on his wisdom to the next generation. Be an entrepreneur and take a risk! Read on for his advice. Be an entreprenuer, and you’ll be well on your way to making your dreams come true.

Be an entrepreneur

As summer internships begin, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has sent an email to incoming interns that lists 5 tips for success. These tips include embracing change, taking the long view, listening carefully and enjoying the ride. Read on for Solomon’s full advice. While you may be tempted to apply these tips immediately to your internship, they’re more valuable than you might think.

As summer internships begin at Goldman Sachs, there is no better time to apply. The investment bank began recruiting students this week for its summer internship program in the U.S., with the average acceptance rate at 1.57%. This year, Goldman Sachs received more than 3,700 applications, and selected only about three percent of them. The bank relies on video platform HireVue to make the interview process as efficient as possible.

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