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GloccTv is a 21-year-old photographer. Glocc was born and raised in Yonkers, New york. Photography requires both skills and talent. You don’t know you are talented or have certain skills until you explore them yourself. Being a photographer is artistic talent, like any form of art , it is a mixture, but even with natural talent, you can’t get anywhere without learning it as a skill. And having natural talent is the cherry on top. Photography as an art form arose from advancement in technology which allowed photographers to manipulate their images to fit their artistic expression. Photographers can drastically change the outcome of an image by choosing various cameras, lenses, film, framing, and the timing of a shot.

Glocc after being met with a motorcycle accident, dived straight into the photography community. Glocc is a specialist in portrait shots. He learned how to take special shots by experimenting with a camera, like studying the in’s and out’s of the camera, that’s how he was able to make it happen.Every day Glocc is working out on his own, everyday he learns new things. Learning is the main key that’s what makes you a great photographer. 

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Glocc has started his own business named “PoseNShoot” and ever since then he has been building a foundation behind the name “Glocc TV”.He loves to take shots of people and cars. Not just any car he loves taking shots of sports cars. Recently Glocc has been focusing on headshots/portraits. He found out the more work he produces, the more attention he has been gaining. Glocc Tv has been put on multiple surfaces from going outside every day and shooting, meeting random people, and putting his name in the mix with industry.

He is satisfied, how he does what he loves seven days a week. His name is known from Newyork, all the way to the United Kingdom, and he doesn’t plan on stopping soon.

Glocc has never been so much dedicated to something that is not football and his giving his everything to photography amazes him too. And the doors that are opening for him are also amazing.

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Glocc, like many photographers, shows off his amazing shots by posting regularly on his Instagram (GloccTv). He uses Instagram as a platform to gain clients and offer his services through it. Glocc satisfies every client through his incredible skills. Glocc loves photography because of the exciting moments because photography is the best way to preserve one important moment. Not only does Photography provide a memorable experience,but he also gets to connect with people in a fun way.