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Glashrs is a creative and vibrant young artist from Vero Beach, Florida, in his early twenties.  He is a rising vocalist, lyricist, and music producer who works on his terms in the independent music industry.

 He is well-known for fusing the two most popular music genres in his city, hip-hop and E.D.M., to create beautiful music popular throughout the world.  Glashrs has established himself as one of the most talented and high-quality artists in the city of his ability and music.

Glashrs’s childhood and adolescence

The love of music has been a lifelong interest for Glashrs since he was a child.  Glashrs began his musical career when he was six years old.  To satiate his desire to perform for music enthusiasts, he began singing popular songs from the period.  He took advantage of every opportunity he had to practice and improve his music creation and songwriting skills.

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He began by excelling at making good melodic voices to meet the audience’s expectations.  Then he turned his attention to perfecting his writing abilities, which he developed with the assistance of his twin sister Cory De Mario.  Because he was so enthusiastic about music at such a young age, Glashrs received unwanted attention and notice from many people in his hometown.

Rising sensation “Running”

South Florida is the home of rising sensation Bobby De Mario, better known by his stage name Glashrs, aiming to build a name for him in the music business.  He began his musical journey when he was six years old and has never looked back.

Glashrs is determined to make his musical ambitions a reality and has taken the steps necessary to achieve this goal.  Fast forward a few years, and after countless hours spent honing his art, he is ready to take on the music industry head-on and demonstrate his abilities to the rest of the world.  “Running” is his latest track starring UNOWAY, which he launched lately as part of his commitment to getting things moving.

“Running” is the young artist’s most recent release, and it is an excellent showcase of his abilities.  GLASHRS is an original sound that merges two of the most popular genres, electronic dance music and hip hop, into a cohesive whole.

This mixture culminates in the music, which is further enhanced by the harmonies provided by UNOWAY on the vocals track.  These two incredibly talented and determined artists have come together to create a song that he will play on the radio and online for years to come.

Project to Be Started Soon

Glashrs claimed that he is prepared to put in the effort necessary to achieve his objective of winning a Grammy Award or being nominated for a nomination for a top 100 Billboard song of the year.  He is now collaborating with his twin sister to create a new song, released shortly.

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He wrote this song on his own and claimed that it is one of his and his sister’s favorite songs to listen to.  Falling is available on iTunes and Spotify.  His friends Chase & Liam will write the song from GoodDay Tunes, a well-known Orlando, Florida-based production duo.  These men have found success in the pop, house, and E.D.M. genres despite their inexperience.

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