Giants vs Buccaneers Week 11 Monday Night Football Pick

Monday night we got the giant we got the box down in beautiful Tampa Florida and I have got over 49 and a half points for my best bet for this game.

So, Let’s check out some home away scoring splits starting with the home team the Tampa bay buccaneers here so the home games they played for them so far this season have seen an average of 59 combined points that’s thanks mainly in part to Tampa bay averaging an insane 40.5 points per game at home this season giants road games have been much higher scoring than that of their games in new jersey averaging 52 combined points in their four-row games here so far this season so you take bucks home game plus giants togue games eight total six and two to the over when you combine the two of them there and this is a great bounce-back spot for Tom Brady, of course, we he throw that hissy fit in the press conference after a poor performance versus the football team.

Giants vs Buccaneers Week 11 Monday Night Football Pick

But he’s going up against a giants team that is 25th this season an opponent completion percentage allowed and we talked about the bucks at home Brady has just been incredible at home this season 18 touchdown passes in four home games you must be on track for some sort of record there with that number and then the quarterback on the other side Daniel Jones Danny Dimes baby this guy has been pretty good versus the bucks in his career.

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He’s played them once in each of the past two seasons 23 points against them last season not bad. I’ll take 23 points, I think that will get them over home for tonight’s game but 32 against him down in Tampa and his rookie season, and we know this Tampa bay defense is very vulnerable to some key injuries they are 28th and opponent completion percentage so far this season Berkeley is back in the backfield. So Jones will be able to lean on him a little bit in the run and the pass game plus.
This Tampa Bay defense is just flat out struggling right now you know 36 and 29 points allowed in its last two games versus the saints and the football team, not exactly a who’s of great offenses in the NFL. So, I like over 49 and a half for tonight.