GFL South Preview - German Football League 2022

With the 2019 season drawing to a close, it’s time to begin looking ahead to the next German Football League season. The South division, meanwhile, is full of intriguing sides. Here are some teams to look out for in the coming years: Braunschweig Unicorns, Schwabisch Hall Unicorns, Saarland Hurricanes, and Ravensburg Razorbacks. While the South is dominated by Saarland, the other four teams have the potential to be very competitive as well.

Braunschweig Unicorns

The Braunschweig Lions are in the playoffs and the first two rounds of the league have been decided. They’ve already qualified for the playoffs and are hoping to go to the German Football League finals in 2022. The team’s offense has been very effective and its quarterback Alexander Haupert has been an impressive passer. He spreads the ball well and finds the likes of veteran receiver Tyler Rutenbeck and Austrian receiver Yannick Mayr. The Unicorns also have a talented backup running back in Moritz Bohringer. They’ll be looking to move the chains against a stout Lions defense.

Schwabisch Hall Unicorns

German Football League 2022 GFL South Preview

On Saturday, the SharkWater GFL season will kick off with the first game of the year: a match between the Unicorns of Schwabisch Hall and the Saarland Hurricanes. In this match, the Unicorns are favored as they played against last year’s semifinalist Saarland Hurricanes. At 16.30, the Pregame Show begins, and the Grosse Siedershof will make an appearance during halftime. In their previous game, the Unicorns played confidently against the Mannheim Bandits, but they were defeated by 19:19.

Saarland Hurricanes

The Saarland Hurricanes will be the top contenders in the German Football League once again, as they defeated the Stuttgart Scorpions 31-21. The team’s offense is revolving around Alex Haupert, who is connected with Corey Brown for one touchdown. Saarland’s defense has been dominant all season long, and the team will need to continue to improve on offense to be competitive.

Ravensburg Razorbacks

In its second season in the German Football League, the Ravensburg Razorbacks are looking to add to their team by signing linebacker/safety Dejvion Steward from NCAA Division II side Tiffin University. The Razorbacks are one of the most competitive teams in the league, and they finished fifth in the South division last year. They’ll look to build off of their successful campaign and make a push for the postseason.

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Marburg Mercenaries

The Marburg Mercenaries have signed running back Marcus Cox, a 25-year-old who has played for a number of high-profile American football teams, to the club’s roster. Cox is a former Appalachian State standout, who finished his collegiate career as the Mountaineers’ all-time leading rusher with over 1,000 yards and 52 touchdowns. A few weeks ago, he was named the first American to accumulate 1,000 rushing yards in a single season and is expected to contribute to the team’s success.

Frankfurt Universe

If the Bundesliga is the top tier of football, then the Frankfurt Universe can look forward to a bright future. Currently ranked fifth in the German Football League, the team will play its first game in Munich two years from now on Saturday. Coach Mele Mosqueda will be tasked with implementing a new tactical system to improve the team’s chances of winning the league. In addition to Mele Mosqueda, the team will have an array of players from the second, third, and fourth divisions.

Kirchdorf Wildcats

The Kirchdorf Wildcats are an American football team based in Kirchdorf am Inn, Germany. They won the German Football League 2 south division in 2017 and earned a playoff berth against the Saarland Hurricanes in the next season. The team was formed in 1986 and began as the Simbach Wildcats. In early 2004, they relocated to Kirchdorf and changed their name to the Kirchdorf Wildcats.

Ingolstadt Dukes

The Ingolstadt Dukes, a team in the German Football League, recently announced that Gabe Boccella has signed a professional playing contract. Previously, Boccella played for the King’s College football team. He signed his contract with the Ingolstadt Dukes organization, which competes in the German Football League II. The team will compete in the GFL2 during the regular season, which runs from April to October. The regular season will conclude on August 27, and Boccella will be able to get his feet wet in German football.

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