‘Get the waste out of the system’:’ AdventHealth’s Kimberly Bell on the future of heart care

She joined the Becker’s Healthcare cardiology podcast to talk how she thinks heart care will grow.

Here’s an excerpt from the podcast. Click here to download the full episode.

Query: How are you thinking about growth and advancement in the future, as it pertains to cardiology?

Editor’s note: This reaction was lightly edited for clarity and length.

Kimberly Bell: I think we need to be in the company of prevention than treatment. We have to be personalized and consequently genomics plays a massive element in that we know our genetic codes, and we are aware that it’s important for us to secure more precision-based in our healthcare.

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I believe growth will come from individuals being faithful to health programs that know them, that help them navigate it easily and who take out the waste in the system by being personalized with care. So, don’t ask me 20 times my name and my history — If you already know me… allow me to select the right medication based in my genetics, based on my own social determinants. Help me make it simpler and get the waste out of the machine.