Germany has lifted a travel ban related to Covid on citizens from the UK, four variant-hit countries and Germany.

These restrictions also apply to citizens of India, Russia, Nepal, and Portugal. They will be lifted starting Wednesday. Visitors who have been fully vaccinated won’t be required to remain in quarantine.

However, non-vaccinated individuals will still need to be quarantined for up to 10 working days. They can also opt to terminate their quarantine earlier with a negative test on day 5.

Due to the spread of the Delta Plus and Delta Plus variants in India, the five countries are now considered “virus variant areas”.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), these countries will be reclassified into “high-incidence areas” on Monday.

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Germany’s lifting of restrictions was announced just hours after Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, confirmed that all Covid-related rules would be lifted in Germany starting on 19 July.

The UK government will also announce plans to allow fully-vaccinated British citizens to travel to “amber”, or countries that are considered to be medium risk for Covid. They won’t have to quarantine upon their return.