The four space travelers aboard the SpaceX capsule are set for a return trip on Earth this Saturday evening, settling near the shores of Florida in the middle of three days on around the planet.

The scheduled time for the splash-down is 7.06pm (local time) (2306 GMT) in the Atlantic Ocean not too far from Cape Canaveral, from where the four Americans were launched into space on Wednesday.

This event is streamed live by SpaceX and will begin around an hour before the time of landing.

The Dragon’s shield of heat will enable the capsule to endure the drop that will be slowed by four enormous parachutes after the ship is low enough within the Earth’s atmosphere.

Following that the SpaceX vessel will arrive to pick it up after which the passengers will board the vessel.

The Dragon capsule travelled further that the International Space Station (ISS) with an orbit approximately 575 kilometers (357 miles) high. The altitude of the Dragon capsule was decreased to 365 kilometers on Friday night.

This is the third time Musk’s company has sent humans into space and back, following returning from two NASA missions, one in August in 2020, and another in May of this year. Both of them brought astronauts home from a time in the ISS.

In contrast to NASA astronauts, members from the Inspiration4 mission didn’t go to the ISS and remained orbital around Earth.

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The billionaire Jared Isaacman financed the trip by paying SpaceX several million dollars. Isaacman as the man who commanded the mission, lent the three remaining seats to strangers Hayley Arceneaux who is a 29-year-old nursing assistant; Sian Proctor, a professor who is 51 and Chris Sembroski, 42, who is a US Air Force veteran.

During the flight crew member’s vitals were observed to determine the effects of space and the atmosphere of space on completely unexperienced people.