The Israeli assault on Gaza spurred protests in the usa, but specialists say Joe Biden expects to place the matter on the back burner.

After 11 days of Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip killed over 200 Palestinians, wounded almost 2,000, and abandoned the land in ruins, Joe Biden”praised” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to”the choice to bring the recent hostilities to a close”.

But as Palestinians at Gaza — living under a brutal blockade in among the most densely populated regions in the world — try to reconstruct, specialists say the Biden government is hoping that the Israel-Palestine problem will once more fall upon the back burner of US international policy priorities.

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“When Biden came in to office the dilemma of Israel-Palestine was on the schedule. He presumed just like many different people that the battle didn’t matter, it was not a problem, [this ] Israel can essentially continue to do exactly what it is doing, and we do not have to listen for the,” Nader Hashemi, manager of the Center for Middle East Studies in the University of Denver, told Al Jazeera in an interview prior to the ceasefire has been reached.

“Obviously, the major question is exactly what happens the day after? What is Biden’s strategy? There is zero strategy.”