Cicadas may appear to be a crispy, protein-packed bite, however people with seafood allergies should think twice about eating themaccording to the US Food and Drug Administration.

“We must mention it,” that the FDA stated in a tweet Wednesday. “Do not consume #cicadas if you are allergic to fish since these pests share a household relation to fish and lobsters.”

To some, the brood’s development is an awe-inspiring encounter, worthy of glistening cicadas photoshoots and unlimited networking profiles. To the others, cicadas might be creepy, inevitable nuisance (one lately crawled onto CNN’s chief congressional correspondent, Manu Raju, through preparations for a live shot).

The fragile insects may be bothersome, but in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency, cicadas are not harmful to people, pets or blossoms. If dogs or cats eat them, however,”this can briefly lead to an upset stomach or nausea, but there’s not any need to worry whether a pet eats a few of cicadas,” that the EPA states.

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“Cicadas do not bite or bite. Cicadas aren’t toxic,” that the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine stated in a tweet late a month. However, their”crunchy/crispy exoskeleton can irritate the stomach lining if consumed in massive volumes and may be possible choking hazard, especially for smaller dogs.”