The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie have been spotted together several times over the past year. Although The rumours about their romance are unconfirmed, they have certainly made headlines. Their first sighting was when The Weeklynd and Jolie were spotted leaving Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles last September. It didn’t take long for fans to jump to the conclusion that The Weeknd and Jolie are dating.

While the couple is not directly linked, fans have speculated about the meaning of The Weeknd’s new song. The rap singer, real name Abel Tesfaye, has been rumored to be dating Angelina Jolie for months. Those who are speculating about their relationship aren’t the only ones. Some fans have already guessed that a reference to Angelina’s filmography was a nod to the actress and her recent emergence in the public eye.

In his new song, ‘Here We Go Again’, The Weeknd references Angelina Jolie’s messy divorce. He also tries to avoid a repeat of his ex-wife’s relationship. “This song is about me dating Angelina Jolie,” he sings in a different tone, comparing the song to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

It’s not clear who is right. It’s possible that The Weeknd’s new song is about his new romance with Angelina Jolie. We are left to speculate, but we can’t help but speculate. The fans believe that his lyrics reveal whether or not he and Jolie are indeed a couple. However, he has yet to confirm or deny the rumors surrounding the singer’s relationship with Jolie.

The Weeknd’s rumored romance with Angelina Jolie has prompted many fans to assume that the rumored romance is between the two stars. But it’s not clear who is right, but the fans believe it’s the former’s new girlfriend. Despite the fact that he’s not confirmed by either the two, he’s not far off.

The Weeknd’s new song, “Here We Go Again” is a reference to the actress’ age difference from The Weeknd. The singer’s lyrics could be about the age gap between Jolie and Campbell. The lines could be a reference to the fact that Campbell is 15 years older than The rumored relationship is between the two people.

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Despite the rumors, fans are skeptical and are unsure of the true identity of The Weeknd’s new girlfriend. He did not explicitly confirm or deny the relationship between the two. But if he does, the lyrics are certainly indicative of a romantic relationship. The Weeknd’s new girlfriend is a movie star. The rumor, which first surfaced in June, is 15 years older than Jolie, and she’s been famous for much longer than the singer Abel.