Fans recommend Addison Rae join OnlyFans after she was temporarily barred from TikTok.

When she discovered that her account appeared to have had been shut down, TikTok celebrity Addison Rae was quick to respond with the correct answer.

A 21-year old social media star who is among the most active users on TikTok, informed fans on Thursday night that the short-form video website has informed her that she will no longer be able make use of her account.

The “He’s All That” performer received a message from TikTok which read “Your account was permanently banned due to continuous violations of our Community Guidelines,” in a photo she posted on Twitter.

“Well, time to get a job,” Rae said, seemingly unaffected by the restrictions.

The account of Rae, on the contrary, is “up and functioning as normal,” according to an TikTok agent who spoke with Page Six on Friday.

“Her account was temporarily offline last night but was restored within an hour,” the representative said.

Rae is third most followed person on TikTok third-highest followed, just behind Charli D’Amelio (126.1 million followers) and Khaby Lame (85 million followers) (116.1 million followers).

A few of Rae’s followers and fans have stated that they were able to relate to being removed from TikTok prior to her account being reinstated.

On her Twitter post GeorgeNotFound, a YouTuber, wrote “Welcome to the club,” and another user wrote “My account was also banned.”

OnlyFans The official Twitter account reacted to the tweet with an eye emoticon, prompting some fans to encourage Rae to join The subscription-based platform.

Some have also claimed that TikTok that they have treated Rae unfairly for returning her account so fast following her accusation of breaking their rules for community members.

“@tiktok us@TikTokSupport It’s hilarious that you immediately restored Addison Rae’s account after you had banned it for a long time however you’ll never restore my primary cosplay account. This makes sense to me “one person on Twitter said.

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Although no one from TikTok nor Rae offered any details about the reason her account was suspended temporarily the account was suspended, however several Twitter users suggested that it was due to the fact that she posted a clip that showed her pointing the camera towards her clothed derriere.

Violent extremism, hate-filled speech, unlawful actions and violent content, as well as sexual harassment, adult nudity and sexual acts are all considered to be violations in TikTok’s community Guidelines. The site also doesn’t permit content which contains harmful or false information. A profile, on contrary, can only be blocked if it is found to have committed “serious or recurrent infractions.” The majority of her posts include dances, sponsored content as well as her everyday activities.