Holly Willoughby’s recent behind the scenes update has caught the attention of her followers.

The announcement was made as part of the 40-year aged’s Wylde Moon project, which she revealed earlier this week.

The website, which is a tribute to the mom of three children, is her personal project that will function as a platform for everything that motivates her.

The fans will have a peek behind-the-scenes at Holly’s distinctive style, as per an article posted in the company’s Instagram account.

“Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes as Holly prepares for some of her biggest events?” The caption is a good read. the caption.


“Introducing Holly’s wonderful style team, @patsyoneillmakeup, @danniiwhiteman, and @cilerpeksah hairstylist, who will be providing us monthly insight into the products, processes, and secrets that go into making Holly, Holly,” the statement read.

The fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of Holly’s brand forthcoming Wylde Moon project since she released a teaser of mysterious Instagram pictures this weekend.

The page went live on Wednesday it has more than 74k followers. It has brought tears to people.

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People have voiced their delight in the comments and have expressed their excitement to see a glimpse at Holly’s distinctive style.

“Ah, I’ve always curious about the styling and how long it takes, so this should be interesting,” one fan wrote.

“As always, Holly looks stunning!” Martina told Martina.

“I can’t wait for this,” Tracey told me.

“How fantastic, beautiful lady,” Elizabeth wrote.

More details about Wylde Moon is available here.