Famous American Football Players Who Enjoy Gambling

Famous American Football Players Who Enjoy Gambling

Many football fans love to gamble and are happy to see their favorite players doing it as well. These players include Josh Shaw, Art Schlichter, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Art Ridley. But how do they make the right decision? Is gambling a good idea for your player? Or is it just a way for them to get rich quick? Read on to learn more about these athletes. Then, start your gambling journey!

Josh Shaw

Some NFL players have been caught in the act of gambling. Josh Shaw of the Arizona Cardinals, for example, has been caught gambling in Las Vegas. The cornerback placed a bet against his team, the Cardinals, while he was on injured reserve. The NFL suspended him for the entire 2020 season, but he has yet to sign with another team. This incident isn’t a unique one, however.

Cristiano Ronaldo

As a top American football player, Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to a variety of online poker tournaments. The legend of Real Madrid and Juventus has also made an appearance in commercials for poker tournaments. Indeed, Ronaldo is so passionate about the game of poker that he has even become a brand ambassador for one of the leading online poker companies, PokerStars.

Art Schlichter

The most famous football player to have been caught up in the scandal of gambling addiction was Art Schlichter. Art, who played in the NFL from 1981 to 1992, admitted he lost a lot of money due to his gambling addiction. In addition to losing money on his gambling addiction, Schlichter also got into trouble with the law multiple times for crimes related to his addiction. Although he was drafted fourth overall by the Baltimore Colts in 1982, Schlichter lost $389,000 in sports gambling. He was eventually arrested for theft related to his gambling addiction and spent the next five years in jail.

Art Ridley

Athletes are frowned upon for using their personal money to gamble, and Ridley’s case serves as a cautionary tale. Betting on their own games can influence the outcome and enrich themselves. However, Ridley’s gambling addiction was not a game-changing event. Ridley’s suspension was indefinite. The NFL has banned its players from gambling, so that they won’t end up in debt, be compromised, or even shave a game.

Art Karras

There are several famous American football players who enjoy gambling, including two Hall of Famers, Paul Hornung and Art Schlichter. The former Indianapolis Colts quarterback was suspended from the game last year due to his gambling habits. He was later reinstated after being banned for a year after a police investigation revealed that he bet as much as $500 on NFL games. Although Hornung was banned from the game for a year, he was reinstated in the NFL in 1964 and played three more seasons for the Packers before retiring due to a pinched nerve in his neck.

Art Hornung

If you’ve ever been to a casino or played poker, you’ve heard about the famous football players who enjoy gambling. Art Hornung, for example, is one of them. During his playing career, he led the Green Bay Packers to two NFL championships. But he was suspended from the team after being caught betting on games. He also pledged to never visit Las Vegas again, and he didn’t attend the Kentucky Derby.

Jay Cutler

It isn’t a big surprise that Jay Cutler likes to gamble. His actions are amusing and often attract sports fans. It is even more interesting to watch him act low-energy and dismissive. But he’s much better at it than a lot of people realize. So let’s find out if Jay Cutler can make the most of his low-energy and dismissive behavior to land a decent payday.

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Tony Adams

Many famous American Football players like to gamble, both for fun and for profit. One such player is quarterback Thomas Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Born in New York City, he spent his first two decades in the NFL with the New England Patriots. His love for gambling and casino games went beyond the field, though. His first bet came when he was only fourteen. Today, Brady is a professional gambler and has opened his own clinic for gambling addicts.