Facebook contractors have been working in person since October 2020, despite not informing employees they would not be returning to work until 2022.

Facebook confirmed that certain employees work from their offices.

On October 23, 2019, a giant digital sign was seen at Facebook’s Corporate Headquarters campus in Menlo Park (California).

A Facebook spokeswoman stated that while the majority of Facebook’s full-time and contingent employees continue to work from home, some workers have returned to office at reduced capacities and with strict safety and health standards.

“Whether a person is a full-time worker or a temporary worker doesn’t affect their ability to work remotely due to the global pandemic.”

The company didn’t disclose the number of contractors working in their U.S. office.

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According to the company, contractors were given two weeks to prepare for their return to in-person work on Aug. 1, CNBC reported.

Accenture, which is a staffing company used by Facebook, has one contractor that said contractors still need to wear face masks indoors. Contractors must also submit COVID-19 testing, regardless of their vaccination status.