According to a source familiar with the matter, the United States began flying families from Central America and Mexico to south Mexico on Thursday in an attempt to stop migration.

According to a person, nearly 200 family members from Central America and Mexico were evacuated deep into Mexico on Thursday. These are regular flights. These flights will be open to adults and aim to interrupt a pattern that sees repeat crossings of the border under Title 42, a U.S. policy.

U.S. President Joe Biden reversed many of his Republican predecessors’ restrictive immigration policies, but left Title 42 in place amid highs of border arrests of 20 years.

While some Democrats, health professionals, and pro-migrant advocates claim that the policy blocks access to asylum without any clear health justification, Biden officials insist it is necessary to prevent U.S. detention centres from becoming overwhelmed by the pandemic.

Trump ordered that some Mexican migrants who were caught at the U.S.–Mexico border were flown south to Mexico. According to a person familiar with the matter who requested anonymity to discuss government operations, the use of this strategy under Biden and under Title 42 is new.

According to the person, the United States will collaborate with shelters and non-governmental organizations in southern Mexico to ensure that migrants are able to return safely to their homeland.

Mexico’s foreign ministry and migration institute did not respond immediately to our requests for comment.

Last week, the Biden administration announced that it would deport migrant families using a fast-track process called “expedited Removal” from U.S. detention centres.

According to a source familiar with the situation, expulsion flights from southern Mexico will take place faster than normal.

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Monday’s restart of litigation by pro-migrant groups aimed at stopping the Biden administration deporting families under Title 42, which was renewed that day by the administration, was Monday.

One of the groups that challenged Title 42 is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They argue that the policy denies migrants the legal right to seek asylum and places them in grave danger in Mexico.

Lee Gelernt was the ACLU’s lead lawyer in the case. He said that flights to southern Mexico could cause harm.