The former employee of the Kardashian clan says that she worked nights, weekends and days at the company. She said that she could barely afford to buy groceries and petrol because she was working so many hours. After hearing a controversial statement by the reality television star, DeFino decided to share her story on Twitter. The tweet has since gained over 500,000 likes and 60,000 retweets.

A former Kardashian family employee says that she barely earned enough to live at a time when most people have more than one job and are unable to pay bills. The reality TV star claims that the amount of money that she received from the job is not enough to cover the cost of living. She claims that the wages were so low that she was forced to work nights and weekends. She also says that she was only paid a few dollars per hour.

The scandal is not surprising because Kim Kardashian herself has encouraged women to work. However, it was the comments that sparked criticism on social media. The alleged conditions made her feel desperate. The ex-Kardashian employee, Jessica DeFino, claims she was barely paid enough to live and struggled to keep up with expenses. While she has not publicly criticized the celebrity, she believes the Kardashian family is not responsible for her situation.

The lawsuit was filed in the California state courts on Monday. The plaintiff states that she was only paid a few dollars per hour, and was often not paid at all. She argues that the company failed to report her employment to the tax authorities and withheld 10% of her pay. Despite this, her employer failed to report her employment to the state. An official spokesperson for the Kardashian family said she couldn’t be held responsible for the conditions of her employees, as they were hired by a third party vendor.

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The former Kardashian employee, Jessica DeFino, has been criticized for her claims. The actress has been accused of not paying her employees properly. She was allegedly treated badly and was not given breaks during work. She also claimed that she was never reimbursed for her expenses. But she also claimed that her pay was not enough to cover her expenses. Although the company supposedly pays its employees well, she reportedly failed to pay overtime.

She claimed she was paid less than her peers. She also had to work long hours and was forced to do so with little compensation. According to the news article, she was given little to do except to attend work. Besides, she was not paid enough to keep up with her work. She was told not to complain about her work. Then, she started to tweet, “I’m so unhappy. I can’t even afford food.”

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