While camping, hiking and biking are popular activities, in case you truly want to connect with nature and get away from your daily life, there is nothing such as backcountry camping and backpacking.

If you are longing for the seclusion of backpacking but do not know where to start, there is no need to stress. We talked to experts to find out all you want to understand and bring when going backcountry camping.

What is backcountry camping?
Backcountry campsites are kept more natural and just have space for a tiny number of campers. They lack public facilities like restrooms and showers, however, those willing to do the job to achieve them are rewarded with sweet loneliness. And that”work” does not necessarily have to require hours of hiking. There are lots of backcountry campsites that are just a five- to 15-minute walk in the car. But if you prefer the noise of a trek through the woods, there are countless trails and sites to research if you are willing to leave you car behind and strap everything you need on your back.

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“Backpacking permits you to pay more earth than day-hiking, so I highly advise backpacking to anyone who wishes to see more beautiful landscapes,” says Ashleigh McClary a Gearhead in Backcountry. But it will take more preparation than conventional automobile camping, since you’ll want to figure out where you are going and what to expect. “You need to try and make sure that you have a balance of everything you need and nothing extra that you don’t need,” McClary states. “New backpackers frequently bring too much on their trips and get weighed down with heavy equipment “