Everything We Expect Apple to Launch at Its September 2022 Event

What do we expect from Apple’s September 2022 event? We’re expecting a new MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro, and more. The company teased a new Mac Pro in early June, and it’s possible a new one will be revealed this fall. We’ll update this article if anything new is announced at the event. And don’t forget about the AirPods Pro 2!

AirPods Pro 2

As the second generation of Apple’s AirPods approaches, speculation is rampant about the new model. While there’s no official confirmation, Twitter leaker @FrontTron claims that the third-generation model will be available in Q3 2022. Earlier this year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo updated his prediction to December 2021. Nonetheless, the AirPods Pro isn’t expected to be released until the end of 2022.

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iPhone 14

While there are still plenty of details on the iPhone 14, there are already some rumors about the device’s specifications. According to analysts from JP Morgan Chase and other firms, Apple will likely use its new 5-G technology to improve battery performance. The new chips are much smaller than the previous versions, so Apple will have more room to accommodate a bigger battery in the iPhone 14. According to one investor, TheGalox, the battery capacity on the iPhone 14 Pro, Max, and Pro Plus models will be three-and-a-half liters, respectively.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro we expect Apple to launch at its next event is rumored to be a new device. Apple hasn’t revealed the exact date of the 2022 event, but we’re pretty sure that this new device will be a replacement for the iPad Air. If the iPhone 12 premieres in October 2020, then the 2022 event will likely be in September. Apple has traditionally launched new products in September.

Mac Pro

If Apple’s September 2022 event is any indication, it will introduce a new Mac Pro. The new Mac Pro has been a hot topic since its launch in March, and the new model has been compared to the older models. However, we’re not sure how the new Mac Pro will perform in comparison. That’s where speculation on the new Mac Pro’s specifications come in.

Larger iMac

Rumors have it that Apple is developing a larger iMac. The new model is expected to have a display size of 27 to 32 inches, slimmer bezels, and support for XDR and Promotion. We can expect it to be powered by the top-end M1 chip, or possibly an upcoming one from the M2 series. A larger iMac could be introduced as early as 2023.

New software for Macs

We’ve all heard rumours of new Apple products, and this time, they’re true: New software for Macs is on the way. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s next-generation chips will be found in new Macs. This is called M2, but Apple hasn’t given any specifics yet. The company will most likely give more details about M2 at a developer conference, so stay tuned!

New operating system

If you’re waiting for the next iPhone, it’s almost certain to launch in September 2022. Apple held its September event in 2017 and it’s likely to hold another in 2022. If you’re not sure when the new iPhone will be released, you can check out these previous events to see which ones Apple has held. Usually, the company launches new iPhones and iPads during this month.