Cold-brew coffee company Brewbike has secured greater than $3million in the most recent round of bridge capital to expand its operations.

In 2015, the company was established. Brewbike provides hands-on experience in entrepreneurship for college students. The company operates coffee-based businesses run by students at four colleges across the nation and plans to expand into new markets using the most recent financing.

Up to date, Brewbike has employed more than 450 students and paid more than $700,000.00 in student salaries. Furthermore, Brewbike recently launched a direct-to-consumer company that sells a range of cold-brew-related products and bags on

“I’m so excited about what this round will do for our business,” said Sierra Bloodgood, chief executive officer of Brewbike. “With this round of funding we’ve launched our direct-to-consumer product, created a brand new website and brand, and have expanded from 4 to 11 campuses and have more coming soon. We’re thrilled about the potential impact and reach this money will enable us to make and are looking forward to collaborating with all those who participated.”

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The investors in the latest round of financing comprise CEAS Investments, Connetic Ventures, Koto, Techra Investments, Mats Lederhausen’s Be-Cause Ventures, Westbrook Inc., Joe Mansueto and Venetia Kotogouris.

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