Rapper Eminem returns to turn fans into diners at his brand new restaurant for pasta Mom’s Spaghetti

After more than two decades of making hits in the film and music industry (let’s not forget he also has received an Oscar), Eminem is currently launching as an businessman . The rapper wowed his fans by turning onstage unannounced for the grand opening of the new restaurant for pasta , Mom’s Spaghetti and was waiter serving his customers himself.

On Wednesday last week, Marshall Bruce Mathers III is his real title for the artist opened the doors to his own venue inside Downtown Detroit . It’s a restaurant which like its name implies, only serves spaghetti in three different ways. It also is home to the memorabilia shop The Trailer , where items associated with Eminem’s life are available for sale and displayed.

The tiny establishment “is made to mimic the ‘trailer’ beginnings of Marshall and B. Rabbit (Eminem’s character in the movie ‘8 Mile’) ,” Ian McManus, who owns The Trailer store

The interior is decorated with wood panels, a matted green carpet, and stained windows, Mom’s Spaghetti is designed to evoke the look of a wine cellar. The hours can be adjusted to be able to accommodate events happening that take place in the region including concerts and festivals.

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The taste of’reheated’

Mom’s Spaghetti’s menu ranges from being exclusive or gourmet and more in line with the casual style of the proprietor. You can get a basic spaghetti plate for $9 (about 180 Mexican pesos) along with meatballs at $12 ($240) or an oversized spaghetti sandwich for the price of 11 dollars ($220).).

As per Eminem’s collaborators, the plan is to serve his pasta that tastes like leftovers that have been reheated, which is home. “We had to redo the sauce several times, because it was too fancy,” Chris Springer the cook at Mom’s Spaghetti, said to the same outlet.