The Instagram star, who has more than 700k followers, has deleted her Twitter account after apologizing to her 770,000 followers. The controversial content included racial slurs and insults against several ethnic groups. Her apology was posted on YouTube, and she said she would stop using social media as of right now. However, her tweets aren’t the only racist content on her account.

Since the posts went viral, fans have been unfollowing Elle‘s social media accounts. According to reports, her Instagram and YouTube following have declined significantly. She’s lost nearly 60,000 Instagram followers since January and more than 23,000 YouTube subscribers. Her following on each platform has dropped by nearly 58%. The scandal has led to the termination of Darby’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, but her famous followers still follow her account.

While she has apologized for her offensive tweets, many fans are angry that she continues to use racist language on social media. The content creator has been slammed for a rash of racist tweets on Instagram and has deleted her Twitter account. As a result, she’s lost thousands of followers. She also apologized for her past statements about her fiance.

Following the recent controversy, Elle Darby shared a video on YouTube and apologized for her past comments. She also deleted her infamous Twitter account. The videos quickly went viral on the social network, and Elle’s apologies weren’t enough to win the hearts of many fans. The comments were not widely shared, and the video’s content became a trend on the site. Despite the apologies from the popular actress, the snafus didn’t make her fans forgive her.

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:Although Elle Dawson deleted the offending tweets, her actions remain unrepentant. She deleted several tweets that made racist comments about foreign people. These tweets were later re-surfaced by gossip site Tattle. In the aftermath of the scandal, she and her partner both posted statements condemning her behaviour and apologising to their followers. The backlash caused many of her fans to unsubscribe from her social media accounts.

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The scandal is not the first time Darby has used her social media accounts. She has lost a significant number of followers. In addition to her YouTube channel, she has a massive following of more than 70 million. Her Instagram account is down by 50,000 and her Twitter account has been suspended. The n-word and her references to animal cruelty were also found on her old accoun