Jason Momoa has recently reflected on the way he was approached to play the part as Duncan in the film Dune.

In a phone interview in an interview with IndieWire Aquaman’s Aquaman actor said, “I got a call from my agent literally on top of a mountain, and I was shocked, and he was like, ‘Denis Villeneuve wants to talk to you right now.”

“I believed it was an act of prank. He told me, ‘He’s trying to speak with you right now. He’s interested in you for the role. He’s not telling anyone about it is. My most beloved friend, who is obsessed with Denis and Denis, rushed across the hill, across the room, and FaceTimed him and he laid everything out.” the actor told me.

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It was reported that the Avengers character added “He (Villeneuve) was the only one with the entire department dressed in costume. Everyone was looking at me. He had the entire book.”

“It seemed as if the pitch was being pitched to me. I was shocked. He asked me if I wanted to be able to play Duncan. This has never been done before,” Momoa said. Momoa.