Drake Bell pleads guilty for attempted endangerment of children

According to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, Ohio, actor Drake Bell pleaded guilty to attempted endangering children and dissemination matter harmful to minors.

Bell had previously pleaded not guilty. According to court records, the charges stemmed from incidents that occurred in Cleveland in 2017.
“All questions will have answers at sentencing,” Bell’s attorney Ian N. Friedman stated to Daily Reuters in a Wednesday statement.
Drake Bell pleads guilty for attempted endangerment of children
An earlier statement by prosecutors states that a victim aged 15 filed a report to her local Canadian police department in 2018 regarding an incident that occurred between Bell and her in a Cleveland nightclub.
According to the statement, Canadian authorities reached out to the Cleveland Division of Police and they conducted an investigation. The investigation revealed that Bell had a long-standing relationship with the victim and attended Bell’s concert in December 2017. According to the prosecution’s office, Bell “violated the duty of care” and created a danger of harm for the victim while he was at the concert. In addition, the investigation revealed that Bell had sent inappropriate social media messages to the victim in the months preceding the concert.
Prosecutors have now set Bell’s sentencing for July 12.