Following the recent Twitter outbursts, Doja Cat has doubled down on claims that she’s retiring from music. The former pop star apologised for the “f***ing tweet” that made her fans upset. After canceling her show in Brazil because of a storm, Doja responded with a cryptic tweet about how her fans would be better off without her. After this, she changed the title of her Twitter account to “i stop”.

Doja Cat’s comments come just a day after she deleted a tweet that appeared to confirm her retirement from music. Originally, she apologized for the “f**king” tweet and replied to one of her fans who had asked her to reconsider. The tweet had been posted on her Instagram account, where fans were quick to express their outrage and thank Doja for being a fan and making her career possible.

After tweeting about her intention to retire, Doja Cat has quickly backed down. She apologised for the negative reaction she received from her fans and has since vowed to continue. The news of her retirement is particularly heartbreaking for the fans of Paraguayan rappers, who were outraged by her recent actions. The rapper has since issued an apology to her fans and has reiterated her decision to continue her career.

Doja Cat has doubled down on claims that she’s retiring from music. She recently told her followers that she’s quitting the industry following a nasty Twitter row. However, she later tweeted that she isn’t quitting the music industry, and apologized to her fans. The singer has apologised for not presenting them with an adequate present in Brazil.

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After a backlash on social media, Doja Cat has now apologized for saying that she was retiring from music. She said that she was just being honest about herself in her latest tweet, adding that she’d never retire. The controversy caused by her tweets has led to an apology from Doja. So, now Doja is making a public apology for her previous tweets.

The Grammy nominee doubled down on her tweets that she’s retiring from the music industry. In her first tweet, she said she had a “dream” to quit music. But a few hours later, she retracted her statement, telling fans that she’s still going to do it. In a Twitter message, Doja Cat says she’s not retiring from the music industry.

Doja Cat’s tweets are back on the same path she’d taken after her initial announcement of her retirement from music. Her fans have been waiting for her concert since she was in Brazil a few days ago. Her fans have also been clamoring for her return after her Brazilian show. Despite the negative press that Doja received, she’s decided to keep going.

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