DOH now shares COVID-19 budget utilization reports with Pacquiao

The Department of Health submitted already its budget utilization report for Bayanihan 1 & 2 to Senator Manny Pacquiao. Health Undersecretary Leopoldo Vega confirmed this on Thursday.

After Pacquiao had said that he would start with DOH when President Rodrigo Duterte dared him to expose corruption in government, this was.

DOH now shares COVID-19 budget utilization reports with Pacquiao

Vega sent a message to CNN Philippines stating that 98% of their P45.7-billion department budget under Bayanihan 1 had been obligated and 93% have been disbursed. Bayanihan 1 was terminated in June 2020.

He stated that 87% of P17.3 billion was obligated for funds under Bayanihan 2. 71% have been paid out. On Wednesday, the Bayanihan 2 program ended with billions of pesos still unutilized by government agencies. The Bureau of Treasury must return any unutilized funds.

Vega clarified that the DOH had the support of the Department of Budget and Management when it purchased items related to COVID-19 Response, such as test kits, laboratory reagents, and personal protective equipment, in a Malacanang briefing.

He added that the report on vaccine obligation and disbursement had been submitted to Senator Pacquiao’s office.

Francisco Duque III, Health Secretary, earlier stated that he was “disappointed” by the “baseless allegations” made against him by the senator. However, he assured legislators that the DOH is willing to work with them.

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The Justice Department-led Task Force Against Corruption said that it has not received any complaints about the department regarding pandemic spendings.