Iconic comedian, celebrity, singer, and all-around amusement Dick Van Dyke is still dancing at age 95. Throughout the infrequent meeting, Van Dyke shared that he plans to make it to 100 years old, and he’s a couple of tricks up his sleeve to help get him there

Van Dyke is doing sit-ups and exercising daily. He opted for the hardest dance pattern in the current Mary Poppins remake.

CBS This Morning recently seen Van Dyke in his house, where the celebrity showed off his workout routine , which featured striking rounds of sit-ups and leg bands. Van Dyke said he is still dance and stressed the importance of remaining active as you get older. “I am 95, and lots of my buddies won’t do that,” Van Dyke said while performing crunches. “So all of you older men out there, hear me, I am telling you: You may keep going for a long time.”

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And he intends to continue for another five decades. George Burns created it, and I am gonna do it also,” he explained of this fellow actor, who passed away in 1996 about a month later he struck the landmark.
Van Dyke says remaining busy and optimistic will be the secrets to aging . The toughest aspect of getting old for Van Dyke is having to give up a few things he loves.