For those who love Bachelor Nation, the announcement of a cherished couple’s engagement will never get old and an announcement of a wedding date is more exciting. Even though Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes aren’t engaged in a formal way yet however, it seems like they’re definitely on their thoughts this week. In fact, on an episode on the podcast of Jared Haibon Help! I’m Not Good at Dating Unglert mentioned that he’d like Miller-Keyes be the person who proposes to him, and he has an idea of the time it could happen.

When asked if the couple were looking to get married in the near future Unglert’s thoughts became quite clear: ” I’ve made it obvious that I’m not going to propose. I said”If you truly want to marry then you’re the one who proposes to me.’ I’m sure she’s working on something for this.”

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes first met when they were filming season 6 of Bachelor in Paradiseback in the year 2019. In the course of filming, Unglert asked Miller Keyes to go on a beach trip together during the fifth week, she agreed. The two have been together since then to the delight of all who saw the two interact on BIP..

The fact that the singer is open to the possibility of marriage to her former queen of pageants might be a shock to certain fans. For instance, in 2019 Unglert stated to US Weekly that wedding was “never going to happen” for his personal life. He stated: “…I’m super unconventional and she’s obviously more conventional. We laugh about it. Keep expectations at a minimum you know? As I mentioned in the episode,”underpromise and overdeliver.”

But, Miller-Keyes is always held a more optimistic view regarding the possibility of them one day getting their marriage legalized in court. In the year 2019 she told US Weekly: “Maybe that’s in our future, but it would be way down our future.”

It is clear that Unglert was very committed to deliver on his promises and not disappoint as his time as a Bachelorette contestant’s outlook on the marriage process has changed over time in the past. By the end of February, Unglert was even photographed wearing a wedding ring and sparked rumors that the couple, actually had a wedding ceremony without not telling anyone.

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Although the couple hasn’t been officially married yet, the couple has stated that a proposal could be on the way. In his podcast interview together with Jared Haibon, he discussed the possibility that Miller-Keyes and he were secretly engaged, and said: “As far as our hearts are concerned, yes.”

Then, he outlined his soon-to be-fiancee’s role in the conversation, saying that she’s been telling their friends “We’ll be engaged by 2022, trust me’ or ‘in 2022’ or something like that.”