Justin Sun, the technology and cryptocurrency entrepreneur who has recently revealed that he’s now the diplomat of Grenada He announced that he’s planning to go to travel on the Blue Origin flight in the coming year. He’ll invite five others to join his.

The 31-year-old also identified his identity as an unidentified bidder who bid $28 million for a seat with Jeff Bezos in Blue Origin’s first mission that was crewed in July. However, the mission was forced to change the date due to a time conflict. The tightly-held commercial space company started by Bezos stated it was the bidder who was not named is instead scheduled to fly in a subsequent trip.

Sun originated from China and now in the process of removing his leadership role at Tron, a platform for cryptocurrency which he co-founded. In the last week, he announced that he had been named Grenada’s representative at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. Sun will carry the flag of Grenada to the Caribbean nation, in which Sun is now a citizen and will be taking it with him on the space mission

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Sun became famous worldwide due to his involvement in cryptocurrency as well as a number of auctions that have been viewed as high-profile. In 2019, he took home an auction to have the lunch together with Warren Buffett, though the lunch was delayed when the pressure by Buffett to apology for his actions on Chinese popular social network Weibo because of “excessively” promoting the event with one of America’s wealthiest people.

He also bid on Beeple’s record-setting non-fungible token as well as his NFT in Twitter Inc. co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, but the bid was beaten at both occasions.

An Blue Origin spokesperson confirmed Sun’s forthcoming trip, and said Sun has already paid $28 million donated to Blue Origin’s non-profit Club for the Future.

“The initiative of Blue Origin to take more people to space to see Earth as our singular common home is extraordinary,” Sun stated in a statement on Wednesday. “I felt compelled to help further that vision through my bid.”


Sun stated that the five people who he’ll nominate could include members of the TRON DAO community and the long-time holders of designated currencies as well as other top leaders in business, technology, fashion and many more. Details about the nomination process and the criteria for nomination will be revealed in the coming months.

Sun will join a tiny but expanding group of adventurers with a high-end lifestyle who have bought their way into space largely due to rival ventures backed by billionaires like Bezos and Branson, Richard Branson as well as Elon Musk. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who often offers cash on Twitter to increase his followers’ numbers has returned to Earth on Monday, following a 12-day journey into space.