Netflix’s Squid Game creator has announced that the popular TV series will return for season 2, even though most South Korean TV shows only last one season. Hwang Donghyuk stated that the show’s success has made him feel almost like he doesn’t have any other choice.

He said, “There’s been such much pressure and so many demand for a second series,” at Monday night’s red carpet celebration.

“It’s all in my head right now. I am currently in the planning phase. However, I think it’s too soon to know when or how this will happen. Hwang stated, “I will promise you this, Gihun will return and he will do something for the whole world.”

Netflix has not officially announced a second season. The series stars Lee Jung-jae’s Seong Gi-hun along with other cast members. It centers on people who are so desperate to make money that they agree and take part in a series schoolyard games with a deadly twist.

According to Netflix, the South Korean dystopian survival drama has become the most-watched TV series ever. Its stars have gained international recognition thanks to their success.

Jung Ho-yeon, a model-turned-actress, is used to travelling for fashion. She was flying from Korea to Los Angeles when she encountered her first fan, an immigration officer, who asked for her autograph.

Park Hae-soo (the actor who plays Jo Sangwoo in the series) said he made the “big decision” to create an Instagram account.

Park stated, “Now I wanted to communicate with everyone and the world so I created my Instagram account.”

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Lee Jung-jae, the lead actor has been in Korea for more than 25 years. His life has changed since he is now recognized on the streets in America.

“That’s incredible, right?” Lee said that people just go around saying hello. Lee said, “So I don’t know how you can respond to all of the love.” It’s great to be able meet all the fans who have watched and loved the show so much.

Jung joked that Jung and the cast all dream of working in Hollywood.