Republicans from all over the U.S. have gathered in Dallas, Texas, for the second Conservative Political Action Conference. This conference will highlight other Republican stars and demonstrate the GOP’s hold on former President Donald Trump.

Trump will headline the conference on Sunday, just like CPAC in Orlando in February. Donald Trump Jr. is the son of former President Donald Trump and chief surrogate.

Although the Dallas conference does not feature as many conservative heavy-hitters as Orlando, there will still be a lot of high-profile Republicans at the event, including potential presidential candidates in 2024.

The South Dakota Governor was one of the most prominent speakers. Kristi Noem, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott, R.Fla. Former Acting Director for National Intelligence Ric Grennell, Former Acting General Matthew Whitaker and Texas Lt. Governor. Dan Patrick and many more

The conference will not feature any masks, social distancing or coronavirus-related screenings. Greg Abbott lifted all Texas’ health restrictions in March. Matt Schlapp, Chairman of American Conservative Union, says that’s why he brought the conference to Texas.

“During CPAC Orlando, with [Florida] Governor. Schlapp said that Ron DeSantis’ leadership opened up Florida. Schlapp spoke to Fox News. “When we returned from CPAC Orlando, we said, Look, Texas is now the next big state. They’re open. We should reward them, and we should hold another big conference. It’s going be big, even though we didn’t expect it to be so big.

Schlapp said that Texas was an obvious choice for another conference because it is “a mega-red state”.

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Schlapp said, “There is a reselection in America of people wanting open schools, open church,” Schlapp added. People who want to prosper economically and without too much government assistance are moving to Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and other states.

CPAC will likely discuss the lifting of COVID restrictions. Saturday’s panel is titled “Are the Leftovers From the Pandemic Here To Stay?” The panel will include Alex Berenson, a COVID-skeptic, and Jody Hice (Republican from Georgia), and is expected to discuss topics like mandates for public transportation and vaccines.