Covid cases have forced residents in Sydney to relocate.

Following a rise in cases in Sydney, a series of Covid-19 restrictions were introduced.

According to the New South Wales state government’s latest update, seven areas in the south of the city have been restricted from traveling outside of the metropolitan area. This is after a cluster of infections in Bondi that resulted in 31 cases.
Residents are prohibited from traveling to places other than essential. Waverley, Randwick, and Canada Bay are all part of the City of Sydney.

All Sydney residents will be subject to increased restrictions starting Wednesday. This includes a limit of five people per household and mandatory mask-wearing at work and outdoor events.

Hospitality venues will have to abide by four square meters (43 feet) per person in indoor and outdoor settings. There will be a limit of 20 people and mandatory mask-wearing at dance and gym classes. Outdoor, seated events will have a maximum capacity of 50%.
Limits on public transport capacity will be also reintroduced.
Indoor shows and congregants at indoor places for worship will ban singing. Also, indoor nightclubs or hospitality venues will not allow dancing except for wedding parties any larger than 20 people.
According to Reuters, Brad Hazzard, the state’s health secretary, said that “we have gone from near-and present danger to a very real, present danger, not only in a shopping center but right across Sydney.”
According to Reuters, the driver of an overseas flight crew was responsible for the cluster’s visit to several locations, including Bondi’s shopping mall.
According to Johns Hopkins University data, there have been approximately 30,380 Covid-19 cases in Australia. There were 910 deaths.
According to a Facebook post by the New Zealand government, quarantine-free travel between New South Wales (Australia) and New Zealand has been halted for 72 hours starting Wednesday.
It stated that “New Zealand public healthcare officials are constantly reviewing developments in NSW and will update advice, if and when necessary,” in a statement posted on its Facebook page.