Many investors are putting money in to cryptocurrency in a bid to join the ranks of people who have gotten wealthy by trading in electronic coins. And soon, you may have the choice to put money into cryptocurrency not only for the long run, but for the retirement.

Can 401(k)s beginning to add cryptocurrency?

Now’s 401(k) programs do not incorporate the choice to put money into cryptocurrency. But that may be changing.

Now simply because one 401(k) provider will be supplying cryptocurrency does not indicate each supplier will follow suit. However, given the prevalence of investments such as Bitcoin, there is a fantastic chance more will start to consider bringing cryptocurrency to the fold.

Obviously, if it is worth it to include cryptocurrency for a 401(k) is another story. Although a great deal of folks have made money with cryptocurrency, it is also quite a volatile, speculative investment.

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In the end, the long-term worth of electronic currencies such as Bitcoin will depend on how broadly accepted they behave as a type of payment. At the moment, you can not just walk into your ordinary grocery store and purchase groceries using cryptocurrency.

Now just because one 401(k) provider will be offering cryptocurrency doesn’t mean every provider will immediately follow suit. But given the popularity of investments like Bitcoin, there’s a good chance more will begin to at least consider bringing cryptocurrency into the fold.