Political opponents rebuked John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, for flying in a private plane to attend former President Barack Obama’s birthday party.

Kerry appears to have made the final cut for Obama’s Saturday evening soiree, which was scaled back amid concerns over the delta variant. The climate envoy was seen boarding a private aircraft.

Kerry’s choice of mode of transport has drawn criticism from the Right. They claim it exposes Kerry’s hypocrisy while he advocates for climate change policy initiatives.

“To John Kerry, global warming is an existential threat that means hundreds of thousands of Americans must lose their jobs,” Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said. But it’s not serious enough to take away his private jets. This is a fraud.

The Kerry family private jet has been used 16 times since January, its  reported on Saturday, though a State Department spokesperson told the outlet that Kerry himself wasn’t on any of those flights.

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The spokesperson said that Secretary Kerry travels via military air or commercially in his role of Special Presidential Envoy for climate.

Former senator said that private air travel was the best option for someone like him, who travels the world to win the battle against climate change.

Kerry was secretary of state in the Obama administration before he was named the first climate envoy by President Joe Biden. He was also a senator from Massachusetts.