Coco Gauff, a teenager tennis star, said that she was supposed to receive her first vaccine shot in the same week as she received COVID-19. This forced her out of the Tokyo Olympics. It also left her without her senses of smell.

“I am just glad that I didn’t have many symptoms.” Before playing in an exhibition match against Victoria Azarenka, a two-time Australian Open champion, the 17-year old American stated that she was “pretty much symptomatic”. “I had — still have — a loss in smell. Other than that, I’m fine.”

On July 18, Gauff made it clear via social media that she had tested positive to the coronavirus. She would have to miss the Summer Games, which began shortly thereafter. This was less than two months after reaching the fourth round of Wimbledon for the second consecutive time in her career.

Gauff, 25, was 25th in the rankings. She made her Grand Slam quarterfinal debut in June at the French Open.

She stated that the peripatetic nature and age of professional tennis has made it difficult for her to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Gauff stated that the real problem lies in getting the dosages right and it is not easy to travel from one country to another.

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She said “But,” and added, “But I’m going get it as soon as possible.”

She plans to receive her first shot of vaccines after the tournament in Cincinnati, which runs from Aug. 16 through Aug. 16, and another shot after the U.S. Open in New York, which starts Aug. 30.

Gauff stated that she contracted the virus after returning home from Florida. She began to practice twice daily as soon as possible.

On Saturday, she will face Jessica Pegula in an exhibition match at the tournament.

In 2019, Caty McNally and Gauff won the Citi Open women’s doubles title.