A rare photo of Christine Lampard with her stepdaughter Isla has emerged on social media. The two are spitting images of each other and were snapped wearing matching black trench coats with chain detailing. The pair also shared a bottle of wine together and were seen playing in the street. In a previous interview, Lampard revealed that she and Frank’s daughter Luna was pregnant with their third child, but that she had to put off the birth until she was ready.

The two women spent a sunny afternoon at a park in New York City with Isla. They wore matching trench coats, and the picture has now gone viral. It’s not clear whether Christine Lampard is the biological mother of Isla, but she is stepmother to her stepdaughter. They have been together for a year, but they did not share a photo until they were more comfortable with each other.

In May 2015, Lampard announced she was pregnant with Isla, her stepdaughter. She and Frank shared two daughters, Luna and Patricia, before marrying each other. She recently celebrated Isla’s 13th birthday with the children, and posted a lovely message to the pair on Instagram. And the twins even looked adorable in their matching coats.

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Despite the hilarity of the couple’s relationship, Christine and Frank are a great fit for each other. She and Frank had three children together, and they are all close to each other. Isla, who is Christine’s stepdaughter, has twins with her stepdaughter Izzy. She has two daughters by the former soccer player and is now a grandmother.

In a rare photo of the family, Christine Lampard shares her two children with her husband Frank. Her stepdaughter Isla is just two years old and is the youngest of the two. She is the only woman in the world to have twins with her husband. She also shares her kids with her ex-husband, and the couple has a daughter named Isla.

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The twins and Kate Garraway have been through a bumpy time this Christmas. The actress opened up about her husband Derek’s health scare and shared a photo of him and their children together. Last year, the two were separated by a year. The family were reunited to spend Christmas together. Despite the hiccups, it was a very happy Christmas for everyone.