The Oscars are one of the most infamous moments in pop culture, and Chris Rock recently made fun of Will Smith’s infamous slap with actress Jada Pinkett Smith. But the comedian wasn’t done yet. He also joked about Will Smith’s infamous Oscars slap, which he teased would be revealed during his standup set. But he didn’t reveal the full story until he gets paid.

The actor’s Oscars slap prompted many celebrities to react. The actress Jaden Smith responded to the incident on social media, while Jim Carrey, Amy Schumer, and Zoe Kravitz all commented on the incident. Others, including Morrissey, Carolyn Smith, and Janet Hubert, have responded to the controversy. In addition, Questlove, another star of the show, revealed that he was able to miss the incident.

Will Smith was slapped on stage while accepting his Best Actor Oscar for “King Richard” after a controversial joke about his wife’s alopecia. During the subsequent impromptu apology, Smith apologises to the Academy, his fellow nominees, and Chris Rock. Afterwards, he resigns from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and is banned from attending events for 10 years.

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While many people have expressed their disapproval of Will Smith’s slap, the controversy over it is still a hot topic for the comedy industry. Some have expressed concern over the message Smith is sending, and others have even questioned Will’s toxic masculinity. However, it is unclear whether he will press charges or not. The slap has generated a firestorm in comedy circles.

The Academy has since condemned Will Smith’s actions and has begun disciplinary proceedings against him. He is expected to face expulsion, suspension, or other consequences. The next board meeting is set for April 18. In the meantime, he’s continuing to tour the country to promote his new movie. So how should he respond to the controversy? Hopefully, the academy can learn from his mistakes and move forward with his career.

The slap dominated Saturday Night Live’s return show on April 2. It’s still front and center over a week later. It’s not a likely way for Rock to escape it. So what’s a comedian to do? A quick search online will reveal that Chris Rock isn’t the same person as his fans have been led to believe.

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