Chris Rock Addresses Will Smith Incident at Standup Show

A few days ago, Will Smith hit comedian Chris Rock onstage during the Oscars, and the Academy announced that it is investigating the incident. After the episode, Smith filed a complaint with the LAPD, which is still pending, but he has yet to publicly address the controversy. Meanwhile, Rock has yet to address the scandal. The Oscars show was the first of Rock’s live shows since the slap.

Following Will Smith’s apology, Chris Rock returned to the stage for the first time since the Oscars incident. During the broadcast, he publicly addressed the incident for the first time and received two back-to-back standing ovations. During the Oscars broadcast, he joked and addressed the audience. After delivering the speech, he also slapped the Oscars host, and he joked with the audience.

Chris Rock Addresses Will Smith Incident at Standup Show

While the Oscars ceremony was a major event, the incident has taken center stage once again. Will Smith and Chris Rock walked onto the stage together and a brawl broke out. Will Smith was comforted by Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, and Bradley Cooper. The Academy’s president, John Bailey, apologized to the crowd for the disruption of the event. But Will Smith didn’t apologize to Chris or Rock until the next day.

After the Oscars, Chris Rock came out on stage for another show. He received a standing ovation from the audience. In a tweet, he said that he would address the incident on the show, even if it’s not his usual material. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has commenced disciplinary proceedings against Smith, but no one has yet been ruled out of acquittal.

The incident has captivated the entertainment industry. Will Smith, the star of “King Richard” and “Serena” has become an instant hit. The two actresses were both praised for their work. In response, Chris Rock has not spoken publicly since the slap. Despite the controversy, the actor has been lauded for his talent and acclaim.

Following the incident, the Academy announced it had initiated disciplinary actions against Smith. It did not mention Smith by name in the initial statement but said that it will take action if he doesn’t leave the ceremony. In the end, it was Smith who refused to leave the ceremony after Smith was asked to do so. He was not asked to stop talking but continued to give the speech. Ultimately, he is the winner of the Best Actor award.

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The Academy has launched disciplinary proceedings against Smith, and the two actors have apologized publicly for their behavior. The two men have long been friends. They even worked together on “Saturday Night Live.” In addition to being friends, the Academy also has a history of promoting films and sex in a public way. They have worked together in several projects together, including movies and television shows, but their recent interactions have been tense.