China’s growth “cannot be stopped by anyone,” a Chinese official declared on Thursday as he warned the United States against any further contact with Taiwan. China’s rapid growth “cannot stop by anyone,” a Chinese official stated on Thursday, warning the United States against any further contact Taiwan.

Ren Guoqiang was also a spokesperson for China’s Defense Ministry and made bellicose remarks at democratic Taiwan, claiming that its future lay in “national unification” with the mainland.

Ren called his comments a response to recent reports about “collusion” between Washington, D.C., and Taipei. He was referring to both the Biden administration’s vaccination diplomacy and its advocacy for peace, stability, and prosperity across the Taiwan Strait.

Ren stated that China is opposed to any form or military contact between the U.S.A and Taiwan.

At the monthly press briefing, a Chinese official stated that the U.S. must fully understand that China’s growth and development cannot be stopped by any force or person. He said that Taiwan’s ruling party must be “soberly aware” that Taiwan’s future lies in national unification.

“Taiwan independence means war,” Ren said. Taiwan independence means war,” Ren said as he echoed Beijing’s latest warning from January. Ren stated that Taiwan independence is war, echoing Beijing’s most recent warnings from January.

Ren described the move to be “necessary in response to the current security situations across Taiwan Strait” and “the need to protect national sovereignty.”

The striking PLA response last week came just days after President Joe Biden joined Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the G7 to rebuke China’s foreign and domestic policies.

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After the G7 summit in England, a June 13 communiqué urged Beijing to cooperate in the next phase in the World Health Organization’s investigation into COVID-19’s origins. It also warned against unilateral changes in the status quo in South and East China Seas.

When asked about similar comments this week, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said that it wasn’t worth commenting on China’s emotional reactions.