CHED warns public vs. bogus solicitations for education subsidy

Wednesday’s warning by the Commission on Higher Education was that individuals who pose as representatives of its attached agency in order to solicit money from higher educational institutions for education subsidy eligibility is not recommended.

CHED stated that it received a complaint about untrue representatives from the Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education. They offered a deal to other schools in return for Tertiary Education Subsidy benefits.

“These posers trying to coax other schools into the TES program don’t even HEIs [higher education institutions] of one of the secondary group branches, so it is not their business with CHED,” stated Prospero De Vera, Chairperson of CHED.

He said, “Let’s be cautious and do a fact check especially when there is a payment involved and a promise to guarantee TES slots for its students.”

CHED stated that the fake officials held a ceremony to award UniFAST certificates for accreditation to member schools using an unofficial UniFAST logo and letterhead without consent.

TES is a grant-in aid program that the government funds. It follows a prioritization system to select qualified grantees from private HEIs and state universities with an existing agreement.

According to the commission, UniFAST has already coordinated with the National Bureau of Investigation in order to investigate the matter.

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CHED reminded UniFAST and CHED that the TES application deadline for the academic year 2021-2022 has been extended. The announcement will be made on UniFAST’s official websites and social media channels.