Mario Batali, a celebrity chef, and his business partner, as well as their New York City restaurant, have agreed to $600,000. This is to settle a four year investigation by the state attorney General’s office into allegations Batali, restaurant managers, and other employees were sexually harassed.

The money will be divided among at least 20 former employees from B&B Hospitality, their Manhattan restaurants Babbo and Lupa, and the now-closed Del Posto. This was announced Friday by Attorney General Letitia Jam.

For the next three-years, the company must revise its employee training materials and send reports to the attorney General’s office documenting harassment and discrimination training and policies.

Batali’s high-flying career was ruined by a series of sexual harassment and misconduct claims. He was accused of pulling a waitress toward her crotch while she served him, and then showing a waiter a pornographic video.

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Batali-owned restaurants’ managers and chefs were accused of making degrading comments about women and showing favoritism towards male employees.

James’ investigation reveals that a restaurant manager instructed female servers to use makeup and to get breast implants. According to the investigation, the manager also called female employees “sensitive” or “little girl” in front guests.