Celebrities Un-Like Johnny Depp's Instagram Post

Thousands of fans have disavowed the Hollywood actor after an Instagram post revealed allegations of spousal abuse and sexual misconduct. While some fans supported Depp, other backed away. But, others are not backing Johnny Depp anymore, citing the newly-released court documents. Read on to find out why celebrities are no longer supporting Johnny Depp. Here are some of the celebrities who disavowed Johnny Depp:

Unsealed court documents reveal allegations of spousal abuse

Hollywood stars have been caught in a web of spousal abuse rumors, and these unsealed court documents reveal the extent of the problem. The allegations stem from a 2016 divorce between Depp and Heard, in which Heard reportedly walked away from tens of millions of dollars. In the court documents, Depp’s legal team questioned Heard’s sister about the actress’s revoked license and speeding.

New evidence has been revealed in the form of unsealed court documents. Amber Heard, who is married to Johnny Depp, alleged that the actor abused her while they were on a private plane. Court documents indicate that Depp was also involved in an affair with Marilyn Manson. Unsealed court documents reveal alleged text messages between the two.

The defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended in a verdict in favor of the actress, though the alleged abuse of the actor and actress did not reach a jury. However, the trial was halted because of the uneasiness of both parties. Despite the fact that a jury didn’t hear much explosive evidence, the documents reveal a history of alleged sexual misconduct between Depp and Heard.
Celebrities Un-Like Johnny Depp's Instagram Post

Heard’s legal team’s accusation of defamation

In the unsealed court documents, one line of a 2020 op-ed in the Daily Mail was found to be defamatory by the jury. The writer, Adam Waldman, claimed that the essay “was an ambush and a hoax” and that Heard set up Depp by calling the police to search her penthouses. After they found no damage to Heard, the police left. Then, Heard and her friends drank wine and roughed up the place, and got their stories straight under the direction of a publicist and a lawyer. The reporters lied to the jury about a second 911 call, but the judge rejected the defense’s argument.

Amber Heard’s legal team said she was not seeking money in the case. She wrote in an email that it wasn’t about the cash, and Judge Azcarate didn’t include those emails in the case. Team Depp may have also tried to submit nude photos of Heard or information about her brief career as an exotic dancer. Amber Heard’s legal team argued that such personal information should not be used in court.

Another text exchange between Heard and Depp also showed that the actor’s wife had erectile dysfunction. In one of these messages, Manson called Heard ‘Amber 2.0.’ Manson also accused Depp of abusing Heard and denying the allegations. In addition, Depp told Usich to leave the film because he couldn’t get paid.

Celebrities’ removal of support for Johnny Depp

A list of celebrities who have un-liked Johnny Depp’s Instagram post has emerged. These include established stars like Robert Downey Jr., Naomi Campbell, and Carmen Electra. Some of the biggest names in entertainment have disavowed Depp after the allegations against him surfaced. But are these celebrities truly out of love with Depp? Let’s take a closer look.

While Depp’s defense team has argued that the evidence of Depp’s health was marginal, citing Cialis, Valtrex, and Nexium as proof of his good health, some of which was based on his usage of drugs. Other celebrities who have disapproved of Depp’s celebratory post have not replied to questions about their reasons for disliking the actor’s Instagram post. The representation of Depp has not responded to Grazia’s request for comment.

The case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard became a sensation on social media after an unsealed court document revealed new allegations. Amber Heard claimed to have submitted nude photos as proof. But, fortunately, she didn’t get her way and the case was dismissed. The verdict of the case has left many celebrities unsure about their support for Depp. While the case is still ongoing, it is clear that Depp has won the court case and is moving forward with his life.